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Membrane AlphaProPlus

System for underground hydroisolation
Made on three-layer membrane system, AlphaProPlus is providing solid whole-surface conjunction with concrete compound. This system solution is preventing water migration between AlphaProPlus membrane and hardened concrete surface of the protected structure.
Technical specification
PN-EN 13967:2012 Elastic waterproof wares – Wares made from plastics and caoutchouc for damp proof isolation and with wares from plastics and caoutchouc for waterproof underground parts – Definitions and characteristics.
Product description
A three-layer membrane, consisting of a polyethylene core, laminated on one side with a non-woven polypropylene fabric. With usage of AlphaProPlus technology, membrane is very strong and lightweight, outer coating bonds perfectly with concrete.

Purpose and scope of application
A product used in the construction of a wall or on floors, or under floors, or under slabs founded in the ground to protect against water exerting hydrostatic pressure passing from the ground to the interior or from one part of the structure to another.
Mounting method
horizontal on underboard concrete or on ground from e.g. compacted sand
diagonal, e.g. in formwork before cementation, applied directly to wall or to the thermal insulation board
Information for user
Laying conditions
AlphaProPlus membrane should be installed in conditions allowing basic bricklayer works, it should be installed in temperature under -5 °C. Any damage to membrane during armament work should be avoided. Substrate under membrane should be undeformable, compact, smooth, clean and homogeneous, without sharp edges and losses or protruding aggregate grains. During formwork and armament works, caution should be preserved to not damage waterproofing membrane.
Conditions of use
Waterproofing protection with usage of AlphaProPlus membrane should be carried out according to a technical design drawn up in accordance with current building regulations.
A band of AlphaProPlus membrane should be joined by hot air welding. Joining may be also made with factory distributed glue or adhesive tapes(e.g. APP 150). Mechanical fastening of membrane edges to formwork with usage of steel clamps before welding or gluing. A minimum overlap of 6 cm should be applied when using any membrane jointing method.
Concrete mix and concrete
Mixture should be laid directly on made waterproofing system. Mix should have consistency enabling thorough soaking and penetration of the cement slurry into the structure of the polypropylene fleece in order to achieve proper bonding of the insulation with the concrete. Important is correct placement, density and maintenance of concrete. Structure of isolated element should show proper degree and type of reinforcement, to allow waterproofing and scratch resistance(pic.). Before concreting ground plates, any contamination from the waterproofing membrane should be removed, e.g. with water under pressure(and remove stagnant water afterwards), or compressed air.
AlphaProPlus should be storaged before use on site in original packaging, protecting it to exposure from sunlight.

Adhesive Tape APP 150


  • Adhesive tape APP 150 for joining belts.

Adhesive Tape APP H40



  • Adhesive Tape APP H40 for gable joints,

EPDM internal and external corners




  • EPDM internal and external corners